My Computer Used Journey


The first time I touched computer was in the first grade of elementary school. I played windows Pinball, and educational games. Until now, I used many computers, So I try to write my main computer journey.

1. Unknown Low spec PC.

Until entering university, I used pc from a parent. This PC’s memory size was 512MB. I couldn’t do anything high performance things, but I enjoyed NicoNico videos and used Word, Excel, Adobe Flash games.

2. MacBook Pro 13inch(2015)

This laptop I bought with my saveing when I became a university student. I have a lot of memories of this computer, I take it to travel and intern and many events. It’s helped me to became a programer. When I was in the third year, I bought new laptop. So I gave it to my brother.

3. ThinkPad X230

I bought this laptop for my sub laptop. I was needed to get a repair my MBP. I removed Windows and installed Ubuntu, And I try to connect GPU to this laptop, then I used it for machine learning. From this laptop, I became to like ThinkPad like keyboard.

4. MacBook Pro 15inch(2018)

I boudht this laptop with my money I earned as an intern. THis computer is very powerfull and usefull, So I used it for my graduation thesis and varios projects. I’m still using it.